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The quality policy represents the management's commitment to implement and improve the company's quality management system in order to achieve its objectives.

In fact, since its establishment, PANSYSTEM has set up a Quality System to implement the Company's policy, which has always prioritised the quality of the product and service provided.

In addition, regular monitoring of business processes is implemented to ensure that the necessary actions are in place to guarantee that no counterfeit parts are used.

In addition, the quality policy focuses on the following aspects:

  • Delivering products in accordance with customer requirements and ensuring traceability.
  • Ensure that agreed delivery times are met.
  • Ensure that appropriate action is taken to ensure that counterfeit or suspected unapproved parts are not used.
  • Involving resources in an active and collaborative way to be the lifeblood of the company's operations and the harmony of the actions undertaken.
  • Ethical personnel management that prevents discrimination on the grounds of religious, political, sexual or other prejudicial orientation.
  • Preventing possible contagions caused by pandemics

The validity and coherence of the quality policy is checked by the General Manager during periodic reviews of the system.