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Piston engine oils, turbine engine oils, greases, hydraulic circuit fluids, preservative fluids.

Electrical and electronic connectors and accessories for Mil. & Aerospace markets in standard and custom versions, also in composite material and Durmalon treatment:

Circular, rectangular, coaxial connectors for industrial and railway applications. Optical fibre interconnection systems. Interconnection products for photovoltaic systems.

A mission-critical, high-frequency coaxial, cable and harness manufacturer, Micro-Coax is a leading supplier to the defense, satellite and test and measurement applications industries.

Leading manufacturer in the Wire & Cable sector, with a portfolio of over 25,000 conductor and cable configurations, as well as an infinite number of high-tech cables, is able to respond to any specific requirement.

Indicators, illuminated buttons and displays for Aerospace & Defense applications.

Cable clamps and accessories for standard and composite connectors. Connectors and accessories for fiber optics - Conduit System - Shielding stockings.

Socks for mechanical, electrical, thermal, EMI/RFI protection, fully qualified for aeronautical, railway, etc. applications.

Electromechanical products, specializing in relays, relay sockets, switches and indicators.

Gore cables and cable assemblies in durable, compact and flexible designs help ensure the safety and success of every flight, mission, exploration, extraction and production.

Highly engineered critical components and customized technology solutions for energy, transportation and industrial markets.

Electrical connectors for applications in industrial electronics, automotive and small and large household appliances. Printed circuit connectors: cable-to-board, board-to-board, cable-to-cable. Cable lugs and compression joints.

Wide range of products for railway market (rolling stock and signalling): relays, protection components, Hall effect sensors, traction energy measurement solutions, integrated electrical solutions. Speed and panel indicators, safety critical relays, signalling relays.

Conductors and cables for avionics applications, in particular for Airbus and Eurocopter programmes. Cables for ESA qualified space applications. Conductors and cables for railway applications. IRIS certification.

Engine and power systems Cockpit and flight control systems. Landing gear feedback and door position sensors. Auxiliary systems: air data, hydraulics, cargo systems. Environmental controls.

Rugged Sixnet Ethernet Switches for military applications. Sixnet Ethernet IP67 switches are designed to provide reliable, high-performance connectivity for the most critical defense applications.

High reliability connectors for electrical and electronic applications.

TE designs, manufactures and distributes products, systems and solutions for the electronics markets (Aerospace, Defense, Railway, etc.) in over 150 countries. TE brings together an unparalleled range of quality components, including well-known and recognized brands such as AMP, Raychem, Deutsche, CII, Nanonics, Hartman, KILOVAC, Micropoint, LDI, Elcon, Elo TouchSystems, TDI batteries and many others.

Interconnection systems for Mil, Aerospace and Railway applications: rectangular, coaxial, Microdot and Nanonics connectors. Circular connectors in standard and composite materials. Terminals, cable lugs and cable/cable splices. Fiber optic interconnection systems.

TE Connectivity's DEUTSCH offering provides interconnect solutions based on BAC, EN and ARINC standards and GbE standards to achieve the right combination of performance and flexibility, lightweight, space-saving design and easy installation (D38999 Series I, D38999 Series III, EN2997/BACC63, MIL-DTL-26482 and MIL-DTL-83723). Wide range of M29600 and M39029 series contacts.

Connectors, cable clamps and related accessories, in standard and custom version, for MIL and Aerospace markets. Conduit systems.

Components and assemblies for the protection of cables and equipment against corrosion and mechanical stress. Wiring components (molded parts, adhesives, adapters, assemblies and high performance conduits). A complete line of TMS sleeves, labels, cable markers, and wrap-around markers to meet a wide range of needs, including UL, CSA, and MIL-Spec requirements, for a variety of applications.